Automatic Forex Trading

Historically, I have never been a fan of automatic Forex trading (also know as automated Forex trading, Forex robots and Forex Expert Advisors (EAs)).

Automatic Forex Trading

The reason is not that I am averse to sitting back and letting a robot trade for me and make me loads of money – quite the opposite! The reason is that, until quite recently, Forex robots had one major issue – they didn’t work.

OK, some did work for a while, but it is extremely hard to develop an automatic Forex trading program that can work in all market conditions. Many system creators attempted to offer updated settings and new versions to work in current market conditions, but most of these ultimately failed.

Before you despair, I have begun to change my mind – here’s why.

Automatic Forex Trading – My Recent Experiences

Two years ago I started working with a developer who has created a very profitable automatic Forex trading system. It only works in very special circumstances, once a week but it makes very good profits and this began changing my opinions of automatic Forex trading.

This year we have seen the release of one or two Forex robots that have done very well – one of these makes a lot of money just on broker rebates, and I am starting to think that this might have potential again after some very poor past experiences.

I do know for a fact that the big investment banks on Wall Street use automated trading – mostly on the stock market – and that their robotic systems, called High Frequency Trading, does actually make a lot of money.

The main concern is, if you had a very profitable system, why would you share it? And why would you sell it for $99? I am sure that there are a lot of people out there with good systems that they would never sell, but as already stated, it seems like better systems are becoming available and you shouldn’t give up on the concept just yet.

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