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Thread: mt4 trade copier/manage ea/software??

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    Default mt4 trade copier/manage ea/software??

    Hi everyone
    I am looking for mt4 trade copier/manage ea/software

    I have couple of meta trader4 account. I want to copy/manage trades from one account to another account . Can you please suggest if there is any ea or software where i can copy/manage trades of different accounts.


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    Hello Sedakensearch,
    Some brokers offer this facility and it is called "managing multiple accounts". Of course you must have all the accounts with the same broker. I know that FXDD provides this facility.

    Searching the internet for "trade copier metatrader" I found some companies selling ea's but I did not use any of them so I cannot say if it works or not. On a video I found at youtube it looks like working but of course you never know.

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    Thumbs up Free Trade Copier

    Hi Sedakensearch, my tech guy tells me this is the best copier he has used (we have previously paid $1000 for the supposedly best on the market AND tested 4 or 5 others) and best of all its FREE! MT4i - Personal Trade Copier

    This what he has to say about it "Please forward a recommendation from me. I now use a free copier from MT4i (MT4i - Personal Trade Copier). I think it is great. Far better than all other copiers I have tested, including commercial copiers for 1000 dollars. For example, the master sends a "heartbeat" every 10 seconds including all open trades, and if the slave trade does not have a master trade then it will be closed. It has a lot of well functioning functionality including the possibility of adding stop losses"

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