Forex Trading Strategies

If you are looking for good Forex trading strategies, I can strongly recommend that you take a look at the Earth & Sky Trading System, created by a member of my mentor group, Pierre Du Plessis. The best news is that it is free!

Pierre started trading with my group in 2009 and has gone on to become one of my best students (and a mentor himself, along with myself and Dean Saunders).

Forex Trading Strategies

Pierre created this system as a variant of my “M2″ system, which is one of the most successful strategies used by myself and my students. We trade the markets profitably almost every week with this system but Pierre’s variation is an excellent addition to my Forex trading strategies.

Free Forex Trading Strategies

One of the great things about Pierre’s method is that it makes life easy by only going short (selling) – this helps focus the mind and means we can immediately ignore any currency pairs that are trending in an upward direction.

The system works on the 4H charts (it can also work on Daily charts), which is my preferred method – less screen time, less stress and more time to plan trades makes this time-frame perfect for almost any aspiring trader.

Benefits of this system are:

  • Extremely easy to understand and put into practice.
  • Comprehensive information for beginners – everything you need is in here, from daily routine to Forex trading psychology.
  • A professional grade Forex system used by a professional trader for his own trading.
  • Ongoing analysis, Forum and support from Pierre for Forex Mentor Pro Members.Completely free!

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We hope you enjoy this excellent eBook. It’s 100% FREE and it’s my gift back to you.

Your Trading Coaches, Marc, Dean & Pierre.
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